It is essential for businesses to continuously improve all production processes and reduce operating/maintenance costs. Lubricants and fluids used in businesses play a direct and indirect role in increasing the business productivity and reducing costs. Opet Fuchs offers high-quality and reliable products and services to its customers with more than 10,000 product varieties, R&D, technology and innovation investments that appeal to every industry.

At Opet Fuchs, our purpose is to become your solution partner that makes the greatest contributions to reducing your operating costs, increasing your operational efficiency and digitizing your business by providing end-to-end services in all processes related to lubricants and fluids that go beyond simple lubricant supply with an innovative and sustainable business approach.

You can utilize Fullcheck Services, the first digital application in its field, as per your needs.

Oil and Fluid Analysis

We use personalized tests and evaluation algorithms according to your field of activity to ensure that you benefit from the optimum analysis services and you are informed about the condition of your critical equipment.

Oil and Fluid Maintenance Management

We undertake the lubricant maintenance management in your business, create special maintenance plans for your business with our expert maintenance team available in your facility on a full-time basis, and contribute to operational excellence.

Fullcheck Sense

With smart sensor & IoT technologies, we ensure that your operations are run smoothly by instant fluid monitoring and analysis.

Stock Management and Traceability

Using technologies such as RFID and telemetry, we monitor instant inventory and consumption in your business and keep your inventory costs under control.

Equipment Management

Çeşitli sektörlerde, veri analitiği uzmanlığımız sayesinde operasyonlarda performans artışı, bakım maliyetlerinde azalma ve yakıt tüketim optimizasyonu sağlıyoruz.

Open Gear Control

Our expert engineers provide periodic on-site maintenance/service to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.

Technical Consultancy

Thanks to our engineering solutions specific to the business, we increase efficiency in your business and help you reduce maintenance costs.

Technical Training

Thanks to the on-site or remote training provided by our expert engineers and constantly enhanced and updated, we provide you information on technological advancements, new practices, newly developed products and best practice examples.

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