Message From General Manager

Message From General Manager
General Manager

General Manager - İrfan Özdemir

Dear Stakeholders,

In our new factory in Aliaga-Izmir, we produce automotive and industrial lubricants and car care products and serve our customers with over 250 employees, who are all experts in their fields and provide sales and after-sales services for our products. We work hard to offer the most extensive product portfolio with our state-of-the-art R&D and quality control laboratories and fully automated lubricant production facility to ensure the sustainability of product quality.

As a result of the interviews conducted with our employees in 2021 to redefine our strategies and goals, at Opet Fuchs, we set our new vision as "to become a leader and a strong player in exports in the target segments for customers and employees with indispensable and innovative products and services".

We will achieve this vision through operations that increase the volume and market share in the target segments and ensure sustainable profit, always making customer satisfaction our priority.

We will focus on E-Commerce, Industrial Business Models and Overseas markets to achieve our goals. 

By developing the conventional lubricant sales model with our E-Commerce business model, we established the first digital sales platform in the lubricant industry in Turkey, which directly reaches our target customers with competitive prices. Our target is to accelerate our business model by continuously improving our e-commerce platform and using the advantages of digitalization.

We set our strategy to stand out from our competitors by offering various technical services which we work on in the target sectors within our industrial lines of business. We are growing stronger in industrial lines of business with our technical competence, product diversity and Fuchs, our leading brand experienced in product technology. We are the first lubricant company in our country to provide on-site lubrication services via the Fullcheck platform developed by our skilled and experienced engineers who made a difference in the digital field.

By strengthening the local network of dealers with regional expansion in foreign markets, our target is to make Opet brand, which has been the most popular brand in Turkey for years, a well-known and reliable brand abroad.

Customer satisfaction is one of the key focus areas of our growth strategy. We will increase our brand awareness by properly identifying the needs of our customers, positioning our solutions according to these needs, and creating a loyal and satisfied customer base.

Operational excellence, which we believe is of high importance in ensuring our sustainable profitability, is also one of our key focus areas. Our digital transformation projects add momentum and efficiency to our vision journey and we regard experimenting with innovative business models with advancing technologies, in-house entrepreneurship and innovation as our strongest suit in capturing the future.

Our employees are our most valuable asset that is indispensable for achieving these goals. We want to maintain our position as a strong company that looks out for the experience of employees, constantly improves them, creates a happy environment for them, and is preferred by talents in the sector. We strive to make our business conduct more agile and efficient with the "Agile Transformation" approach that we launched and expanded throughout the company in 2020.

At Opet Fuchs, we do not forget our responsibility towards the environment and society in every step we take towards all these goals, and we promise to carry out our activities within the framework of our sustainability principles and values.

We would like to thank all our business partners, especially our employees, for being with us on this journey.