Oil and Fluid Analysis

Oil and Fluid Analysis

Why Choose Oil and Fluid Analysis?
By performing the individual and/or regular oil and fluid analysis of our business partners in the automotive and industrial sectors in our TURKAK-approved laboratory with a capacity of performing more than 180 tests, we ensure that our business partners get the highest level of performance from their equipment and make the right decisions in predictive maintenance activities thanks to the trend analysis.

Lubricants and fluids mean what blood means for the human body.

  • Just like blood samples on which tests are performed, you can achieve the preventive and predictive maintenance goals of businesses by analyzing lubricants and fluids.
  • Thanks to our expert reviews, you can learn the condition of your equipment, get the highest performance from your equipment and increase your operational efficiency.
  • You can avoid unscheduled downtime and unexpected failures and minimize production losses by following all changes with the system-based trend analysis.
  • In addition to reducing your spare parts, labor and lubricant costs, you can also save maintenance costs by extending your maintenance times.

About Fullcheck Oil and Fluid Analysis System:
With our web-based Fullcheck application launched in 2005, all processes from the selection of proper products to the interpretation of the analysis results are followed by more than 50 engineers.
More than 150,000 experiments are conducted on a yearly basis on more than 10,000 samples. Our laboratory, where we can conduct more than 180 experiments, has a "Test Laboratory Qualification Certificate" approved by TURKAK and is equipped with state-of-the-art test devices.
Devices are calibrated very precisely and the results of the ASTM Benchmark Studies conducted every year are impeccable.

User Friendly

User Friendly: New design that offers ease-of-use with multiple data input, multiple approval, user role-based page design, performance alert system, filtering, grouping, photo, graphic & file adding features.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility: Easy-to-use a& access and compatible with mobile phone or tablet thanks to its responsive design feature.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic Reporting: Capability to quickly generate reports such as Sample Status Analysis, Equipment Status Analysis and Trend Analysis according to the selected date interval.

Quick Processing

Quick Processing: Analysis results that can be accessed early since records are created easily and instantly thanks to the QR code system on sample labels.


Expertise: Analysis reports issued in laboratories with TS-EN 150 IEC 17025 Test Laboratory Qualification Certificate approved by TURKAK and interpreted by expert engineers.

Language Option

Language Option: Option to use in English.

Oil and Liquid Analysis

Oil and Fluid Analysis

The easy and expert way of lubricant sampling;

  • Fullcheck sampling kit
  • Fullcheck sampling pump

You can use it as frequently as you'd like and in any type of lubricant by simply changing the hose.

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