Occupational Health and Safety Environmental Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Environmental Policy
  • To act in accordance with the legal regulations and other liabilities that we are responsible for regarding OHS, environment and chemicals in all operations,
  • To develop collaborations in the field of OHS, environment and product safety within Koç Group and in the sector in which we operate, and integrating good practices into our operations,
  • To act in harmony with Koç Holding OHS and Environmental Policies,
  • To act proactively, to plan and implement actions in order to prevent the deterioration of health and safety of employees arising from the work they carry out,
  • To set OHS and environmental performance targets based on continuous improvement, to create action plans to reach these targets, to follow the realization levels of the targets and to focus on continuous improvement,
  • To evaluate the environmental effects of existing and new investments, products and services, and to protect the environment with environmentally friendly approaches,
  • To aim to keep the environmental impacts of products and services under control throughout the life cycle under our influence, to evaluate the climate-related risks and opportunities of activities and to develop projects compatible with them,
  • To inform our stakeholders by creating safety data sheets and labels in order to determine the chemicals to be used by our employees and end users in accordance with the environment and human health, to reduce and, where possible, prevent the damages that may arise from the use of chemicals,
  • To focus on the efficient use of natural resources, evaluates opportunities that will increase the use of energy efficiency and renewable energy resources,
  • To aim to prevent and reduce wastes occurring in our activities, to increase recycling/recovery and reuse in cases where wastes are unavoidable,
  • To increase the competencies of our employees, which directly affect occupational health and safety, and to support two-way OHS communication within the company,
  • To encourage the participation of our colleagues while making decisions that affect occupational health and safety and the environment, in order to increase their positive contribution to our OHS performance,
  • To develop studies to increase the awareness level of large segments of the society, especially all our stakeholders, on OHS, environment and product safety, and to commit to give importance to experience and knowledge sharing.
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