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Opet Fuchs, develops new lubricants that fits state of the art vehicles and equipments’ needs, in collaboration with and through R&D studies with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).  

With nearly a century of experience of our shareholder Fuchs, our R&D lab and online oil analysis platform Fullcheck keep working on the fuel saving, exhaust emissions and service life studies that OEMs need in past few years.

Ford Otosan, Türk Traktör, Tofaş, MTU, Otokar, Valeo, Mercedes Benz Türk are among our main OEM customers.

We produce

  • FMY branded original oils for Ford Otosan
  • Agromega, Megatran ve Agrofriz branded original oils for Türk Traktör
  • Spectra branded original oils for Otokar
  • Opar Olio branded Original Oils for Tofaş

And we supply

  • MTU branded Original Oils for MTU

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