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In addition to using high quality products, our customers who use Opet Fuchs products can benefit from our engineering studies tailored to their businesses and make the following earnings, accordingly: 

  • Minimizing unscheduled downtimes
  • Reducing lubricant consumption amounts
  • Reducing machinery spare part consumptions
  • Ensuring improvements on security and environmental issues
  • Diminishing procurement and labor costs

Our engineering studies realized to make the foregoing earnings:


Choosing the right lubricant for our vehicle has become a key issue in recent years with the rapidly advancing and diversifying automotive technologies. Our customers can employ our Fullmatch program that uses factory data from original vehicle and equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to view OPET products that are technically suited to their vehicles.

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Fullcheck LAB

Our customers who benefit from Fullcheck LAB service can use tests and evaluation algorithms tailored to their sphere of activity and thus, make use of the optimum analysis services; get information on the status of their critical equipment; follow the changes with trend analyses, and have the opportunity to get the highest level of performance from their equipment in line with the comments of our experts. Fullcheck LAB allows you to make detailed analyzes and schedule your maintenance activities with customized, understandable, useful and dynamic reports.

For detailed information, please visit the following address to access to the program:

Fullcheck CPM

Fullcheck CPM (Chemical Process Management) is a site management program, exclusively designed for businesses to guarantee the traceability and sustainability of all your maintenance processes in connection with “Lubricants and Fluids”. With Fullcheck CPM, our customers can attain their preventive and predictive maintenance targets, minimize lubricant-related failures and stops and prevent loss of lubricant and reduce lubricant consumption. It increases business productivity and decreases total operating costs.

For detailed information, please visit the following address to access to the program:

Technical Education Activities

We offer consultancy to our customers on issues such as answering questions related to lubricants and lubrication, lubricant and lubrication recommendations for applications, and improvement advices for safety and environment.

Opet Fuchs specialists organize training sessions on lubrication technologies aimed at personnel of our customers in order to increase their productivity in the relevant application. Such training sessions include considerations for lubricant production process and lubricant specifications and lubrication used in various applications, ranging from engine lubricants, hydraulic lubricants and gear lubricants. Perspective of personnel who undergo such training will change and their productivity at work will increase.

Technical Consultancy

Opet Fuchs provides technical consultancy services through its expert engineers to our customers, for whom we act as suppliers, by offering advices for improvement on issues such as supervising the lubrication activities of their businesses, corrective and preventive actions in their businesses, etc.

Thanks to this service, businesses of our customers can benefit from more efficient operation of equipment, reduction of lubricant consumption and maintenance costs. 

Lubrication Guidelines

Opet Fuchs Technical Services Specialist examines all vehicles and equipment in businesses of our customers and prepares tailored lubrication guidelines for businesses that cover the 'Lubrication Point/Recommended Lubricant/ Volume of Lubricant/ Drain Interval' information. In order to choose the optimum lubricant for any equipment, information on lubricant that was previously used in such equipment will not be sufficient. 

Recommendations from the equipment manufacturer and information such as operating conditions of equipment and lubricant in current use should be known in order to choose the optimum lubricant. In some cases, equipment may need to be inspected on-site. Only then can special lubricant recommendation be made for the equipment available in the business.

These guidelines will help to minimize any possibility of lubrication-related problem and to create a lubrication chart of the business.

Earnings Reports

Our specialist engineers make tailored studies on lubricant and lubrication issues for our customers who use superior quality Opet Fuchs products in order to reduce their operating costs. As a result of these studies, the earnings from production due to reduced equipment downtime, earnings from lubricant purchase costs due to reduced lubricant consumption amounts, and earning from spare parts costs as life cycles of machinery spare parts are extended are reported in detail to our customers.

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