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Opet Fuchs Cooperated with Otokar!

Opet Fuchs Cooperated with Otokar!

Otokar Spectra assures to have the lowest internal friction in the engine for the highest power, longer intervals of oil change, cleaner equipment, longer vehicle and equipment lifes, environmentally friendly and high performance vehicles with lower maintenance costs. Otokar Spectra DEO LD DTZ 10W-40 engine oil, which was tested at first in 12-meter Kent LF buses used for urban transportation, was tested for thousands of kilometers in Istanbul, in the places, where there is heavy traffic, at routes, where there is continuous stop-and-go traffic, and at steep ramps, either uphill or downhill. Otokar Spectra DEO LD DTZ 10W-40, which was examined through the oil samples taken by Opet Fuchs engineers at regular intervals in the mineral oil laboratory that has the TURKAK 17025 accreditation certificate, has received thumbs up from the engine manufacturer and has been approved to extend the interval for oil change from 20,000 km to 40,000 km. With this new maintenance period of 40,000 km, the KENT LF inner-city buses now offer their users less maintenance costs, higher performance and longer engine lifes.


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