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Immense cooperation between Opet Fuchs and Ford Otosan

Ford Euro 6 engine oil development process was launched at beginning of 2013 year in line with the decision on technological cooperation with Opet Fuchs in oils to be used in Euro 6 Ecotorq engine that has been recently developed and resulted in great success when the product “FMY Formula XLD 5W-30” was announced to be the only approved product in Ford Global MATS system in March 2015. Over 100 engine and site tests were conducted in the process of oil development that was carried out jointly by Ford Otosan and Opet Fuchs engineers and exceeded 2 years. More than 1,000 oil samples were analyzed and reported in Opet Fuchs laboratory. Based on these efforts, the world’s only product with WSS-M2C213-A1 approval and best properties for new Euro 6 engine was developed: FMY Formula XLD 5W-30. A fully synthetic engine oil, FMY Formula XLD 5W-30, that meets Euro 6 Emission Standards, offers fuel economy and extends oil change intervals up to 120,000 km is offered for sale in all Ford franchised workshops in drum and pail packages.


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