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Opet Fuchs added a new success to its history…

Opet Fuchs, one of the leading lubricant company in Turkey, received “2015 Sustainable Performance Award of CMS”, in “Business Partners Meeting and Award Ceremony” at Swissotel Grand Efes İzmir on January 28th, 2016. Opet Fuchs was granted with the “Sustainable Improvement and Support” award given by CMS, which has awarded leaders of the sector by the meetings organized with its providers since 2004, according to quality and delivery reliability, technology development and cooperation criteria. Ahmet Oral, Industrial Sales Group Manager of Opet Fuchs, received the award in the name of the company. Stating that many improvement efforts have been maintained with CMS since 2007, Oral added: “We have been working with CMS to improve processes and increase productivity for nearly 10 years. I thank to CMS which has provided us with capabilities required for these operations and granted support. This award is firstly the result of setting goals and then of efforts made to achieve these goals. The word of “Sustainable”, included in the title of the award, always lays a responsibility on us for the future. We were selected to be the greatest lubricant provider of CMS for 3 more years by the contract we executed in the first month of 2016. Our R&D; support, customer orientation and ensuring more productivity by the same responsibility consciousness will be our primary goal for the following years.”


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