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Opet Fuchs' new plant opened in Izmir, Turkey

Opet Fuchs' new plant opened in Izmir, Turkey

Opet Fuchs, one of the leading companies in the Turkish lubricant industry, has opened its new plant in Aliağa, Izmir on September 3, 2019. The opening ceremony of Opet Fuchs Aliağa Lube Oil Blending Plant, realized with an investment of 24 million Euros has been realized with the participation of Mr. Fikret Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Opet Petrolcülük, Mr. Yağız Eyüboğlu, Koç Holding Energy Group President, Mr. Stefan Fuchs, Chairman of the Board of Fuchs Petrolub SE, Mrs. Nurten Öztürk, Mr. Ufuk Öztürk and Mrs. Filiz Öztürk, Members of the Board of Opet Petrolcülük, Dr. Ralph Rheinboldt, Member of the Board of Fuchs Petrolub SE, Mr. Alf Untersteller, Vice-President of Fuchs Petrolub SE, Mr. Cüneyt Ağca, General Manager of Opet Petrolcülük, Mr. Ibrahim Yelmenoğlu, Genel Manager of TÜPRAŞ and Mr. Murat Seyhan, General Manager of Opet Fuchs.

Chairman of the Board of OPET Petrolcülük, Fikret Öztürk stated that he started his busi-ness life in the lubricant industry and said, “Lube oil has therefore a great importance in my life. Thanks to our partners Koç Holding and Fuchs Petrolub SE, we have succeeded to carry such a challenging and risky business forward in our country. With the factory that we have realized thanks to the efforts of the dynamic Opet Fuchs team, new achievements are waiting for us both inland and abroad”.

Koç Holding Energy Group President, Yağız Eyüboğlu said that the new factory is the result of 17 years of successful cooperation between Koç Holding and OPET Petrolcülük. Eyüboğlu stated “Our new factory will be the backbone of our strategic change. It will bring a breath of fresh air to the sector with its doubling capacity and changing product structure. Together with our new factory and our partners, we have once again under-lined our trust in both the sector and our country”.

Chairman of the Board of Fuchs Petrolub SE, Stefan Fuchs said “For us a dream becomes true. You know I’m extremely proud and happy to attend here today, to celebrate this important day. Our partnership, which started in 2005, achieves success in harmony. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Öztürk Family, the Koç Group, Opet and Opet Fuchs employees.”

In his opening speech, General Manager of Opet Fuchs, Murat Seyhan said “we are serving with nearly two hundred employees specialized in their fields and our extensive customer network in all over Turkey. We continue our investments with our innovative ap-proach, product quality, expertise, competitive power. We completed our factory in May 2019 and trial production started in July. With this plant that we have realized to meet the changing needs of consumers, we own one of the lube oil blending plants equipped with the state-of-the-art technology in Turkey and nearby geography. Together with our facto-ry, we increased our production capacity as well as the standards”.


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