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Opet Fuchs Sales Force Got Together in Antalya

Opet Fuchs, one of the major lubricant industry companies, reunited with its dealers' sales representatives in April with the motto "We are stronger together" in Antalya. During the meeting held with the participation of Opet Fuchs’ industrial and automotive dealers from across Turkey, participants had the opportunity to watch the presentation of General Manager Murat Seyhan, on the industry and business life. Sales representatives, who have been serving for 5, 10 and 20 years, received their seniority awards from the hands of Opet Fuchs General Manager and Group Managers. In the second session of the meeting which hosted 170 participants, ‘Dynamics behind the Winning Team’ workshop was held by Mehmet Kocabaş, one of the prominent players of his field. Activities during the workshop sparked off amusing moments. In the final session of the meeting, participants had the opportunity to watch presentations on the industry and today by the Automotive Sales Group Manager Erçin Bıyık and the Industrial Sales Group Manager Ahmet Oral. Football tournament that was organized on the leisure time witnessed amusing and competitive moments. The open air tournament, which attracted a large turnout, took place on turf field and also participants who were confident showed their skills in the backgammon tournament.


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